Year-end schedule

The University is prohibited from having a cash deficit at the end of the year. Therefore, the year‐end expenditure process is managed to ensure that all cash balances remain positive.  To accomplish this and provide departments the opportunity to manage their budgets more effectively the following schedule is established.   

Note: Dates are subject to change to accommodate deadlines established by Virginia Department of Accounts.


Date Event
March 31 Close of business Cut‐off for creating the base files for FY 25 budget implementation. Permanent budget reallocations after this date will not be included in FY 25 budget implementation

May 3 Close of business

ARMICS certification deadline for VPHS and Provosts units

May 24 Close of business

ARMICS certification deadline for Central units
June 17 Close of business Deadline for departments to enter PHAREDS adjustments
June 20 Close of business Final supplemental payroll, if needed, will be posted
June 21 5:00 PM Last day to create new funds and orgs
June 21 Close of business Final Bank of America Procurement Card transactions for fiscal year will be posted
June 24 4:00 PM Decentralized service center billing deadline – No additional FY 24 charges after this date
June 24 Close of business Last day for travel encumbrances to post
June 28 12:00 PM Cashier closes for FY 24
June 28 5:00 PM RealSource access is removed for year-end processing
June 30 7:00 AM Transaction approval authority for Banner Finance users will be removed; inquiry access remains in place.  
Note: Journal entries must be approved for the entries to post in FY 24
July 1 Banner Finance system will be available for inquiry only so that year‐end processing can be completed
July 1 VP offices should forward significant current budget reallocation entries to the Controller’s Office at:
July 1 VP Offices should forward any additional request for current budget allocations to the VCU Budget Office for approval
July 2 E‐print reports will be available