Banner Finance training

In order to receive initial access to Banner Finance, you will need to complete at least two course requirements through the Blackboard System. First, enter the VCU Blackboard system (login with eID and eID password) and take course PAA001 Banner Basic Navigation and System/Data Security. You may self-enroll for this course. You must complete the quiz after completing the tutorials. If you have any questions or problems concerning access to this course, please contact Learning and Development at, or call (804) 828-0179.

VCU Blackboard login

Banner Finance access

After completing the PAA001 course, your supervisor will need to request a Banner Finance account for you through the VCU Service Desk. 

Instructions for supervisors/fiscal administrators for completing the access request:

  • Log into Service Desk
  • Select "Banner"
  • Select "Create Banner Finance employee account" (ex. for new employees)
  • Enter information and click on "Save" (do not save and close). Supplemental information can be added at this point.
  • Once saved, an action list will appear on the left side of the screen. Click on "Add supplemental Information."
  • Add organization access needed and make selections as to type of access required (Inquiry, Data Entry, Receiving, etc.)
  • Click "Save and close"
  • Exit the help desk ticket system

The employee should have already signed a confidentiality and compliance statement, which is part of the VCU employment orientation. In compliance with VCU's password standard, your Banner password and access are for your use only and cannot be shared with others. See the Technology Services security website for details.

Once the account request reaches the Banner Finance security team, you will be enrolled in a second Blackboard course, TRAIN 201: Mandatory Fiscal Training: Fiscal Responsibilities and Internal Controls. You will be notified by email with instructions on how to complete the course. Once the course is successfully completed, basic Banner Finance access will be granted.

For more topics, reference materials and desktop manuals, go to Banner Finance job aids.

Banner login

Additional training

Additional security levels in Banner have different training requirements. Access to the the required Blackboard courses will be given at the time of the account request based on the VCU Service Desk ticket options. These are not self-enrollment courses. 

Currently, the required training modules include:

  • TRAIN 202 - Banner FOAPAL-Forms-Transactions: Required for transaction access (budget entries, journal vouchers, cash receipt and encumbrance removals).
  • TRAIN 204 - Banner Fixed Assets: Required for fixed asset custodians.
  • TRAIN 205 - SAS Enterprise Guide Training for Banner Finance ODS: Required for access to VCU data warehouse for ad-hoc reporting.