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Position Budgeting

All filled faculty and staff positions must be assigned a budget amount. The budget amount in Banner Position Budgeting is recorded on the NBAPBUD form, in total on the Salary Budgets tab, and distributed on the Labor Distributions tab. The budget amounts are to be consistent with the permanent salary requirement as shown on the Job Detail tab of the NBAJOBS form, and as distributed on the the Job Labor Distribution tab of NBAJOBS. In Banner Finance, the budget amount required includes both the permanent salary and fringe benefit components of a position.

Current budget in Banner Finance is the amount needed to support payroll expenses for positions, both salary and fringe benefits, during the fiscal year. When departments prepare PAFs (Personnel/Position Action Forms) it is their responsibility to identify the funding source needed to the support the actions. PAFs which increase commitments against controlled funds for a position, make new appointments, start or end a leave of absence, promote an employee, or make a change in an incumbent's salary grade require budget reallocations if the funding assigned to the position is less than that required by the change.

In order to fill a vacant faculty or classified position, sufficient permanent and current budget must to allocated to support the salary and fringe benefits of the selected candidate. Employment offers cannot be made until full funding is identified.

Budget Reallocations

Budget Reallocations are to be executed at the departmental level in Banner Finance for E & G, FACR, and Auxiliary Enterprise funds via the FGAJVCM form, for any position budget actions resulting from departmental or HR-initiated PAF adjustments impacting Banner NBAJOBS. Budget reallocations are executed by the department in Banner Finance using the BPE rule class code (permanent/original budget adjustment) reconciled with NBAJOBS (Payroll) for permanent/ongoing salary requirements.

Budget Reallocations are also processed by the department in Banner Finance using the BTE rule class code (current/temporary budget adjustment) to keep Banner Finance temporary budget (Adjusted Budget in Internet Native Banner, Temporary Budget in Banner eServices) in line with the department's current salary requirements.

Faculty Salary Administration and Classified Merit processes set permanent salary and funding for all permanent full-time and permanent part-time instructional faculty; all administrative and professional faculty; and all classified positions in the University. The standard or adjustable merit salary increase is read from Human Resources files, and will automatically increase budgets in Banner Finance by a like amount.

A change in a position's incumbent may require a department to process a budget reallocation to ensure that sufficient original adjusted (permanent) and temporary (current) budget are available to support the position and its new incumbent. Original adjusted budget must equal the annualized salary of the incumbent, while temporary budget must equal the projected fiscal year expenditures to be processed against the position. It is important to note that since the incumbent may change during the year, the current budget requirement may differ significantly from the permanent budget. Also, is a position is vacant, a department may choose to transfer any salary savings to another area of expenditure.

For under budgeted positions, departments must process budget reallocations so that sufficient budget is available to support the position. For over budgeted positions, departments are encourages to reallocate the budget surplus to other areas of expense. Permanent budget surpluses related to classified positions not reallocated may be lost during budget implementation.

Changes in Funding

Periodically, departments use the Banner PHAREDS form to change the distribution of organizations or amounts used to fund positions. These actions are due to either changes in effort, departmental reorganizations, or the receipt or continuation of a grant award with salary support. For labor distributions that affect controlled funds (E&G, Auxiliary Enterprise and FACR), a budget reallocation must be prepared to adjust the organizations affected.

A leave of absence, with or without pay, represents a special case of salary adjustment. In some cases, an incumbent's salary may be reduced or eliminated for a specific time period (during a leave without pay). These salary reductions release budget for reallocation purposes. Permanent budget in excess of the annualized amount of leave of absence payment may be moved to other positions. Current budget in excess of that needed to the support the payroll expenses of the incumbent may also be reallocated. It is the department's responsibility to ensure budget is available to fund the position when the incumbent returns from leave and is restored to full salary.

Position Budgeting Reports

Two reports are available through ePrint to help departmental administrators with position budgeting. Reports NZRMAN1-Banner Manpower Report and NZRMAN2-Summary Position Budget Comparison provide summary and detailed information on salary budgets versus expenditures for individual Banner organizations.

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