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Banner Finance Reference Library

Banner Getting Started Guide-Basic Features of the Banner System


VCU Data Standards


VCU Fiscal Handbook


Banner Toolbar Icons-Reference Chart


Banner Form Name Conventions


Elements of a Banner Form


Banner FOAPAL and the University Ledger System


Banner Finance Budget and Document Query Forms-Reference Card


Salary Encumbrances in Banner Finance


Banner (INB) Search Techniques-Reference Card


Banner Form Queries-The Basics (PDF)


Banner Revenue Accounts


Banner Expenditure Accounts


Banner Finance Transaction Manual (Budget Entries, Journal Vouchers, Cash Receipts)


Banner Forms for Research Accounting (Grants & Contracts)-A User Guide


Banner Indirect Cost Forms



Managing Fixed Assets in Banner Finance-A Guide


Banner Reports

Banner ePrint Reports


VCU Reporting Center Reports


A Guide to Using the Research Dashboard in the VCU Reporting Center (Courtesy of SOM)


Resources for Fiscal or Grant Administrators

Fiscal Roles & Responsibilities


VCU Fiscal Handbook


Fiscal Contact List


Quick Links for Fiscal Related Topics


Fiscal Administrator Listing-University (Excel)


University Travel Approvers (Excel)


Fiscal Administrator-Request for New or Change (PDF)


Banner Index Create Form (Word Document)


Banner Field Codes


Banner Program Codes


Pre Award Sponsored Programs Administration


Post Award Sponsored Program Administration


A Guide to the Research Dashboard (courtesy of SOM)


Access to Banner Finance ODS for Ad-hoc Reporting



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Banner Finance System

Banner is the world's most widely used collegiate administrative system suite. Here at VCU, Banner integrates the student, finance and human resource systems. Banner Finance was specifically designed for higher education fund accounting and is the University's central repository for all financial data.

On this page, you can find Banner Finance reference materials in the left menu and quick how-to links below. Most of the materials on this page are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. You can download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader from

If you are looking for more comprehensive full length training presentations, please visit the Banner Finance Training page,

Need help with a topic not covered here? Contact us at or call the Banner Finance Help Desk at 828-0388.


How Do I . . . .?

Learn the basics?

Get Banner Finance access?


Pick the best internet browser for Banner Finance?


Customize my Banner form names?


What are Banner forms?


What are Banner indexes (org codes) and accounts?


What are Banner document types?


What are Banner rule classes (rule codes)?


What is organizational hierarchy?


Enter and approve transactions?

Receive a purchase order in Banner Finance?


Approve a document (journal voucher, budget entry, encumbrance removal) in Banner Finance?


Approve a document (journal voucher, budget entry, encumbrance removal) in Banner eServices?


Make a budget entry?


Do a journal voucher?


Do a cash receipt (enter a deposit)?


Remove an encumbrance?


Use Banner Forms to make Fixed Asset adjustments?


Find Banner Finance reports?

Run a Fixed Asset Inventory Report?


Run a budget status, transaction or organization hierarchy report in Banner?


Find Monthly e-Print reports for my index (org)?


Run a report for my index (org) in the VCU Reporting Center?


Manage my Banner indexes (orgs)?

Reconcile my Banner index (org)?


Use the Research Dashboard to manage sponsored programs (courtesy of SOM)?


Complete a fixed asset inventory?

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