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Post Award Financial Administration Policies

Pre-Award Costs

Pre-award costs are incurred at the risk of the University.

The principal investigator may request an index number while Sponsored Programs Administration is waiting for the formal notice of award from the sponsoring agency.

The principal investigator may request a continuation (new) index number 90 days prior to the end date of the current index budget period.

When requesting an index number using the Banner Number Request memorandum and the 90 Days Notice, the principal investigator must supply an alternate index number to charge in the event the project is not funded.

Note:  Pre-award costs are costs incurred prior to the beginning date of a budget period.  Pre-award cost incurred more than 90 days prior to the effective date of any new or competing continuation award imposes no obligation on the Federal Government to make the award or increase the amount of the approved budget.  See the section on "How to determine allowable and unallowable costs" for more information.

Pre-award expenditures must meet the same guidelines of allowability, allocability and reasonableness as described by OMB Circular A-21.