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Grants & Contracts

Effort Activity Definitions


The Sponsored section of the certification or effort statement (i.e. ECRT card) permits a certifier to certify to the direct costs (including cost share) associated with grants and contracts.  Other sections of the effort statement (i.e. ECRT card) allow a certifier to certify to the Non Sponsored and VCU Health System Activities.  


Cost Category



Sponsored programs are situations where the University agrees to specific conditions and/or service activities to an outside entity. (

Organized Research (Sponsored)

All Federal or Non-Federal Research and Training Activities (Except ESA’s).

Educational Service Agreements (ESA’s)

Sponsored Training Programs and Projects Established by Grant, Contract or Cooperative Agreement

Other Sponsored Activities

Programs and projects financed by Federal and non-Federal agencies and organizations, other organizations, other than specific research projected (Organized Research) or specific sponsored training sponsored training projects (Educational Service Agreements). 

NON SPONSORED:           

Activities of the University that are not separately budgeted as part of Sponsored program activities. These activities are supported by departmental funds

Instruction/Departmental Research

Teaching, Training activities (except sponsored training), and Non-sponsored research development activities. 


Deans, Department Heads and Division Heads. Effort that exclusively benefits instruction.


Student Affairs and Student Services

Administration-Sponsored Projects

Deans, Department Heads and Division Heads. Effort that exclusively benefits sponsored research. 


Supporting services that benefit common or joint departmental activities.

Public Service

Non-instructional services to individuals external to the University. Activities are separately budgeted and accounted for by the University

Other Institutional Activities

Effort expended on activities that are not defined above.


 VCUHS Effort Reporting Categories and Definitions

Clinical Practice and Administration:

Patient care activities including inpatient services, outpatient services, other types of clinical activities, any of which generate a professional fee is charged including services provided under a clinical contract.

Supervision of Interns and Residents

Effort expended by faculty physicians in the supervision and training of residents and interns including resident recruitment and resident training program administration.  Do not include time related to any billed clinical services (regardless of location) or supervision of residents at the McGuire VA Hospital

MCVH Hospital Administration

All time expended by faculty in supervising hospital personnel, providing medical direction, participating in hospital committee activities, participating in hospital managerial or administrative activities

Other Educational and Administrative Activities

Time expended by faculty in educational activities related to the education of medical students (pre interns and residents) and education of fellows and post doctoral (post intern and residents) or non-department, non-hospital, and non-institutional activities