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Fixed Assets Quick Reference Guide

General Information for the Custodian:

As a custodian, you are responsible for the custody and proper use of all equipment that is assigned to your department. You must conduct an annual inventory of all equipment that is in your department. If you need to change your departmental property custodian, please use the appropriate form on the left.

Any equipment (with a value of $2,000 or greater) that is donated, fabricated, found, transferred from another University or Agency or purchased with a departmental corporate card needs to be added to your departmental inventory. Please use the Addition to Equipment Inventory Form, located on the left.

Contact the Surplus Property Manager (828-9444) for surplus information and to pick up surplus items. You can visit the Surplus website, by clicking here.

Fixed Assets will tag, for inventory purposes, all equipment with a purchase cost of $2,000 or greater. All HEETF trust fund equipment must be tagged. HEETF equipment must be kept for 5 years or until you receive a memo stating that you can dispose of the equipment.

Equipment can not be sold. It can only be traded in, transferred within the University, or disposed of through the Surplus Department. Contact Connie Jefferson (828-0848) or Jessica Burruss (828-0597) if you have any inquiries about your department inventory or need a printout of your inventory list.