University Controller's Office
Banner Finance

ODS Finance Access

Ad hoc Banner financial reporting uses the resources of the Banner ODS (Operational Data Store) which serves as a data warehouse. Banner production activity is uploaded on a daily basis to the ODS, so ad hoc reports are based on the previous day balances in production (live) Banner.

Creating reports from the Banner Finance tables loaded in the ODS requires a better than average knowledge of Banner field names, financial hierarchy and some familiarity with Business Intelligence reports or software.

To ensure that individuals seeking ODS Finance access understand the basic concepts necessary to produce accurate and meaning reports we require fiscal personnel to have completed both TRAIN 201: Mandatory Fiscal Training: Fiscal Responsibilities and Internal Controls and TRAIN 202: Banner FOAPAL-Forms-Transactions.

In order to gain access, your supervisor will need to request ODS Finance access through the VCU Support Center (Help Desk). go to Banner Finance Access for instructions on completing the on-line ticket.

Once the access request reaches the Banner Finance Security Team, you will be given instructions on which courses you need to complete including the course for ODS Finance access, TRAIN 205: SAS Enterprise Guide Training for Banner Finance ODS.

All of these courses are in the Blackboard system, but they are not set up for self-enrollment.