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Criteria Selection on Reports

Most reports contain a prompt page that allows the user to customize the report output by selecting a few report parameters such as organization code, fiscal year and fiscal period. Standard reports have the output options of HTML or EXCEL formats.

The organizational level codes are commonly used for selecting specific criteria for financial reports. The Input columns on example tables below display the field codes that are entered as reporting criteria before the reports are run. Complexity of criteria selection vary among reports.

It should be noted that, VCU ODS (Operational Data Store) gets updated every night, as a result, the reports that are run during business hours do not reflect real-time production Banner (most current data). The data that is retrieved by these reports are current through the previous business day's transactions.

Fiscal Year: Unless otherwise stated on the report, all fiscal year entries must be made in the form of four digit (YYYY) year. Ex: 2008

Fiscal Period / Posting Period: All fiscal period or posting period entries must be made in the form of two digit (MM) month. Ex: 08 for February

It should be taken into account that the fiscal year at VCU starts on July 1st and ends on June 30th of each year. Two digit numeric representation of each month as follows;

Input Description Input Description
01 July 08 February
02 August 09 March
03 September 10 April
04 October 11 May
05 November 12 June
06 December 13 Adjustments
07 January 14 Adjustments

Organizational Level Codes:  These codes will help business users to determine the scope of the reports. Organizational hierarchy and associated organizational code structure must be known and entered to utilize most of the financial reports. Tables below are examples for the organizational level codes. The full list of these codes can be obtained by using the report called Chart of Accounts. This report is located under the finance folder of VCU Reporting Center and can be accessed via VCU portal. Organizational hierarchy values can also be obtained by using Banner forms FTIORGH (for orgs) and FTIFNDH (for funds).


Organizational Level Codes - Example Purposes Only!

Executive Level Codes 

Input Description
A President
B Provost & VP of Academic Affairs
C VP Health Sciences
D SVP Finance & Administration
E VP Advancement
E Central Accounts
G VP Research
H VP Government Relations
J VP External Relations

 Senior Mgmt.  Level Codes

Input Description
11 President
12 Provost
13 Student Affairs
14 VP Research
15 VP External Relations
16 VP Health Sciences
17 Executive Director VCUHSA
19 SVP Finance & Administration
20 AVP Buss. Serv. Treasurer
21 Human Resources
22 Facilities Management
23 AVP Finance & Administration

MBU Level Codes                                   

Input Description
101 Office of President
102 Board of Visitors
103 Legal Affairs
104 Athletics
105 SVP Finance & Administration
106 Audit
107 AVP Buss. Serv. & Treasurer
108 AVP Finance & Administration
109 University Controller
110 Procurement Operations